Firm Tofu, Organic

Firm Tofu, Organic

Colorado Sun Tofu
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Price per a 5.5"x2x2" block of Tofu from Colorado's own Colorado Sun Tofu. Soybeans sourced from Iowa.


Refrigerate or freeze upon delivery. Please note, tofu comes wrapped in compostable wrapper to extend shelf life. If refrigerating, consume within 5 days of purchase.


You can request without compostable wrap as well (leave note in special instructions), but shelf life reduces to two days. You can also skip the glass jar and just receive it in a compostable wrap.

Compostable Wrap and Glass Jar container deposit: $1.30

For tofu, we fit two blocks per jar. I.e. 3 blocks would come in 2 jars, 6 blocks comes in 3 jars.