Our Mission

Every year, the United States produces over 35 million tons of plastic...

Infinity Goods' mission is to help you cut back on plastic pollution

...and a huge portion of that is food packaging. Globally, 79% of plastic waste that’s ever been created is sitting in landfills or our environment1. Plus, our recycling infrastructure is struggling to keep up: US plastic recycling rates are stuck at 9%, and we export 0.83 million tons of these recyclables to countries with poor waste management systems2

Here in Colorado, the situation is just as bad. The state of Colorado has a ban on plastic bans3, making it very difficult to regulate plastic use. At the same time, the plastic recycling rate in Colorado is stuck at 3%4. Meanwhile, researchers recently detected microplastics in our rain and snow, bringing the plastic pollution issue very close to home5. And even if we had great recycling, so much food comes in non-recyclable plastic!

*Takes a deep breath*

We need a new way to combat waste, and Infinity Goods is doing just that. Our mission is to empower you to fight back against plastic waste, by making it easy to refuse and reduce packaging waste. Ditching plastic is difficult and daunting, but Infinity Goods wants to do that hard work for you with our zero-waste grocery service. So that you can make a positive environmental impact by reducing plastic and your carbon footprint6 without much effort. 

With ever frequent news reports on how plastic is damaging our planet, we are all searching for a way to do something about it. Infinity Goods is what you can do about it.

Let's ditch plastic waste.

Do you support our mission and want to help us spread our impact?

Meet Our Team

Born from a restless dissatisfaction with our current disposable culture, Infinity Goods is spearheaded by two passionate founders who want to eliminate plastic waste from the food industry, starting with groceries.

Meet Ashwin Ramdas, Founder of Infinity Goods

Ashwin Ramdas, Founder

"I enjoy Nature—so much that I travel far and wide to experience Earth's natural splendor. But almost everywhere I go, I encounter plastic pollution: from oceans, to forests, and everywhere in between. We create so much plastic waste everyday...and a lot of it comes from grocery shopping. That's why I started Infinity Goods: to save you time from grocery shopping, and to make it easy for you to fight back against plastic."


Meet Dani McLean, Co-Founder at Infinity Goods

Dani McLean, Co-Founder

"Our planet is in trouble, and this terrifies me. But I’m not alone! My friends and family hear the daily news about whales dying from plastic ingestion, about micro-plastics entering our food, and they all have one thing in common: they want to do something about it, but don’t know how. Infinity Goods makes it possible to clean up our planet by cutting back on plastic—and what better place to do so than in our kitchens, where we see it the most? We may be individuals, but together, we can help turn #zerowaste from a hashtag into the norm."


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