Infinity Goods for Business

Delivery and Reusables as a service

Takeout and meal prep boxes create a lot of waste. Not only the physical plastic waste, but also the wasted money on packaging costs. That's why we've created Infinity Goods for Business: Delivery+Reusables as a Service to food companies such as restaurants and prepared meal services. We're taking the same zero-waste delivery logistics that we've built and used to fulfill 1,000+ orders, and offering it to food businesses like yours. Our mission is to make it effortless for culinary companies and customers to avoid plastic waste, protect our planet, and still eat the foods we all love. 

What is delivery+reusables as a service?

Infinity Goods would be a third party delivery service to your food business, where we also provide you with our reusable packaging platform. Thus enabling you to offer a zero-waste option to your own customers.
Let's say you're a prepared meal service...

1. We provide you with sleek, smart, reusable boxes
2. You pack your orders in the boxes
3. We pickup and deliver the food to your customers on your behalf
4. We take back old containers from the customer and thoroughly sanitize them in our commercially certified facility
5. We restock you with freshly cleaned containers.

Focus on what matters

You focus on the food, not the delivery or packaging

Lower your packaging costs

You won’t pay for disposables, and we don’t charge upfront for reusables

Gain "eco-exposure"

Customers will seek out your brand because you're environmentally friendly

Infinity Goods for Business is perfect if you want to go completely package-free, or if you simply want to offer your customers the choice of getting their food in a zero-waste fashion. Contact Infinity Goods today at 713-516-8051 for more details and pricing information. Or email us at

Let us help you break free from plastic.