We're BACK!


Infinity Goods had to temporarily halt grocery deliveries, starting March 31, due to the COVID-19 outbreak. But, we have resumed delivering zero-waste groceries as of May 7th! 


We've partnered with Denver's Somebody People to deliver a range of fresh, organic produce, staple pantry items, and Somebody People specialties like vegan butter, fresh focaccia, and pickles. Our selection won't be as wide as exhaustive as our normal selection, but Infinity Goods' shop will pack a plastic-free punch and take care of most of your grocery needs.

Here’s a brief overview of some changes, to familiarize you with what’s new: 


As Somebody People is closed on Mondays, deliveries will occur Tuesday thru Friday.


These are wild times. Due to increased demand and shortened supply, we have a new order cut-off time. Order by 3 PM for next-day delivery. If a date does not appear when choosing a delivery day, it means we’ve reached delivery capacity for that day.


If an item is out of stock, we can sub it for something similar, or refund you. Before adding an item to cart or at cart, you can check the substitution box. If you don’t check to allow subs, we will refund you for that item.


We have a new container-deposit system: when an item comes in one of our jars, we will charge a small deposit for the jar. Deposits are 100% refunded when the container is returned. That way you don’t have to feel guilty for holding on to a jar. If you want to skip the jar and the deposit, you can check “I don't need the jar!” for select items. We’ll deliver the item in a recycled, compostable brown paper bag.


We’ve had to rewrite our whole script ‘cuz of COVID-19, but these changes will let us deliver more orders each day, meaning less plastic hitting landfills. We might have a few bumps initially, and we appreciate your patience with us as we adjust. 


Now let’s kick some trash,

Team, Infinity Goods

Stay home, waste none.

Get your groceries deliveried, without the plastic waste today


Our Statement on COVID-19


In light of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we want to provide you a behind-the-scenes look at our delivery procedures. With novel services like ours, we believe it's important to be fully transparent, to ensure that we keep you and your food safe.


Our couriers are required to wash and sanitize their hands at the start of every shift before handling any containers or food; before loading groceries for delivery into their vehicles; and finally, between each delivery made directly to customers. When containers are returned to us, we sanitize them at high heats above 180 F (in accordance with the National Sanitation Foundation) before storing them in a licensed, inspected storage space. Infinity Goods is proud to deliver your groceries in a safe, efficient, and zero-waste manner, especially in times like these when you may not want to be out in public yourself.




Team, Infinity Goods