Our Beta Test Has Begun in Denver

Our Initial Delivery Area

Do you live in Denver and can't wait to ditch plastic? Join our beta test as an early customer.  Our beta test has begun, and we would be thrilled with your participation!

After we receive your form, we'll personally send you info for accessing our marketyou'll get an email from "team@infinitygoodsdelivery.com" with access info.

Enter your information below if you want to be add to our wait list!

The beta test is an opportunity for Infinity Goods to iron out any wrinkles in our process before launching on a larger scale. In exchange for your valuable feedback, early customers will receive free delivery on your first two orders (not to mention the triumphant feeling of a plastic-free fridge).

Here's more detail on how Infinity Goods works:

The Infinite Process

1) You order groceries from our website. Add 'em to your cart, choose a delivery window, and check out. Easy.

2) We’ll shop for and deliver your items in reusable containers (think mesh bags and glass jars) the same or next day. We deliver all orders between 6 - 9 pm each day, so that we can catch you when you are at home.

3) At your next delivery, you hand back any of the containers that you’re done with from previous deliveries. We compost the crumbs, wash the containers, and reuse them in future deliveries.

Find out more about how Infinity Goods works and read our FAQ here.

What Foods We Deliver

We deliver eggs, bread, coffee, milk, fresh produce, pasta, oils, spices and herbs, pantry goods, snacks, and much more.

We also aim to support the local economy. We strive to deliver Colorado-grown produce when available, and we work with local producers to deliver foods that typically come in disposable packaging. We will continuously seek partnerships with local producers to keep expanding our food selection.

Wait, how much does it cost?

1) You pay for the food you order, and

2) A delivery fee of $4.99 on orders below $50; or $6.99 for orders above $50.

3) We do not charge a security deposit for the containers. However, there will be a “lost container” fee of $3 if a container isn't returned in a reasonable amount of time. Don't worry, we'll remind you what containers you have out if it's been a long time.

4) We kindly ask for an optional delivery tip.