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Get your groceries, without the plastic waste

What is Infinity Goods?

Plastic waste is a menace, and grocery shopping creates loads of it. So instead, leave it to us: Denver's only zero-waste grocery delivery service. Order your groceries from our market, and we’ll deliver them—without the packaging pollution. Rinse & repeat, to Infinity.

So far, our customers have prevented


pieces of packaging waste.

Goodbye, Plastic

Plastic free is easier than ever. We provide all the convenience of delivery, without the packaging waste.

Eat, Repeat

We deliver a wide selection of fresh and local foods in reusable containers that we retrieve, clean, and reuse.

Fight Back

Our global waste problem is daunting, but with Infinity Goods, you are empowered to fight back.

Where We Deliver

Infinity Goods delivers to most of Denver and Lakewood. If you are in our delivery area, we'll bring zero-waste groceries right to your door! Outside of our delivery area? Try our new curbside pickup.

How Infinity Goods Works

We source and deliver your groceries in reusable containers and packaging.

At your next delivery, we take back any containers that you are done with.

We compost the crumbs, clean the containers, and reuse them for future deliveries.

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